Photography & DVD pricing only

Hourly rate:

$570.00 for the first minimun 2 hours of service & DVD of
all edited images

$150.00 per hour after 2+ hours of service

hourly rate includes the following amount of 4x6 prints:

1-2 hours 36-40 4x6 prints
2-4 hours 60-64 4x6 prints
4+ hours 80-84 4x6 prints


Photography services

image retouching:

$60 per hour (please see the image examples)



Pro Gallery Upload

images will be uploaded to a professional site where reprints can be viewed by friends & family and ordered in various sizes. This is a free service when requested. (Click on"shutterfly" below to acces an example of this service.)




Travel fee: if out of the Santa Clara & San Mateo County areas .50 per mile.

$200 additional Fee for holidays