About Us

handfast Christina and Brian Salinas developed the concept of "Sealed with a Kiss" to provide essential services to couples who want quality photography and officiant services at a romantic, beautiful location of your choice making your wedding ceremony a reality.

We understand that your day should be perfect in everyway. We have 25 years of wedding experience both here in California and Kauai. Let the Sealed with a Kiss team weave their magic as they capture the romantic images of the day, while the words that will seal your commitment are carefully executed with ease.

About Christina's services:

She has been a professional photographer for many years. She has worked all over the Bay Area and on the island of Kauai. Christina will provide all of your photography services. She understands that your special day requires a sensitive observer to record the events and story of the day. As a photojournalist, Christina seeks to record those moments and details that will not just tell your story, but will interpret the look and feel in a way that brings the day to life.

The latest digital photography equipment is used to create the highest quality images. By using image-editing software, she turns your digital prints into beautiful works of art. Imagine highlighting your flowers, leaving them in color while the rest of the image is in B&W. Creating a collage of images, capturing a moment of time to it fullest. These are just a few art print techniques that can be used to enhance your memories. Any image that is in color can also be printed in B&W, thanks to the wonders of digital photography. Digital retouching can also be applied to any image as needed. The wind is blowing causing a few stray hairs to fly, "zap" it is gone. The power lines are running across the image, "bam" they are gone just with the "click" of the mouse.